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When many people see this name, they will think it is a cooking machine at first impression. In fact, it is not. The cooking machine is a multi-functional machine with a series of functions, such as beating soybean milk, grinding dry powder, squeezing fruit juice, beating meat stuffing, shaving ice, preparing beauty facial mask for women, etc. Which brand of multifunctional cooking machine is good? Let's briefly introduce the brand of multifunctional cooking machine

multifunctional cooking machine when many people see this name, their first impression is that it is a cooking machine. In fact, it is not. The cooking machine is actually a series of multifunctional machines with functions such as beating soybean milk, grinding dry powder, squeezing fruit juice, beating meat stuffing, shaving ice, preparing beauty facial mask for women, etc. Which brand of multifunctional cooking machine is good? Let's briefly introduce the brand of multifunctional cooking machine

1. Authentic philips/Philips stainless steel baby juice cooking machine

warm tips: high juice yield, super easy to wash, innovative knife free net, easy cleaning and time saving; No oxidation, vulgar juice, no oxidation, original juice, original taste, more nutrition; Ultra quiet DC motor reduces noise by 5%, and it is more comfortable to enjoy fruit juice quietly. Super large capacity continuous juicing for 20 minutes, professional juicing and juice residue separation; Push to talk More intelligent: DC motor Powerful and stable performance Philips Electronics is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, ranking first in Europe. It is a world leader in the fields of color TV, lighting, electric razor, medical diagnostic image and patient monitor, and single-chip TV products. With 166500 employees, Philips is active in lighting, consumer electronics, home appliances, semiconductors and medical systems in more than 60 countries

Philips is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (code name PHG), London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and other stock exchanges. In 2003, the sales volume of the company was 29000000000 euros. The company employs more than 164000 employees in more than 60 countries. Philips is a large comprehensive group, and its departments include: Q consumer appliances, Philips semiconductor, Philips Lighting, Philips Medical System, Philips household appliances and personal care. It ranks 10th in the world among the top 30 in the electronics industry of Fortune magazine. If you want to squeeze fruit to drink and make a facial mask, you don't need to make soymilk in summer. I suggest you buy Philips! It wants to be a good shaver! It's much better than Jiuyang's! Jiuyang soymilk machine is very good, but Philips is still good in cooking machine! Philips now has models that are not expensive

2. Kepu je2000 stainless steel household electric fruit Juicer cooking machine

the products are exquisite in workmanship and show the beauty of luxury. The new generation of Kepu juice fountain Juicer adopts Kepu's exclusive amd drive technology to significantly reduce noise and vibration, and manually polish metal accessories for luxurious visual enjoyment: even the subtle design of the knob It has also undergone thousands of human tests Just twist it easily The knob turns smoothly! Kepu strictly ensures that each product meets the requirements of the group's GFP (Green family project), making our products members of the Green family and the green earth

adhering to the unremitting pursuit of quality, creativity and a better life, Kepu has integrated hundreds of green life concepts and the application of leading technology into the R & D and production of home appliances, making Kepu healthy life home appliances in the forefront of the world. Ice cream machines, Juicers, egg beaters, small refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric ovens, induction ovens, electric kettles, yogurt machines, toasters and other household kitchen appliances are all high-end products that are obsessed with the quality of healthy family life, and these also happen to be similar to “ Home ” The feeling of is perfectly integrated

3. Cooking machine the original Korean authentic Huiren juice machine cooking hand hu-200

Huiren juice machine as we all know, Hu series products are original Korean models. Hu-200 is added with nano silver ions. This addition technology has high technical content so far, and has the effect of sterilization and antibacterial, so it has been unanimously recognized by everyone! Recommendation: customers with high quality of life! Huiren juice machine is a product of East Asia Co., Ltd. in South Korea. From the perspective of function, Huiren juice machine has more functions for cooking hands, such as mixing noodles and grinding. Because the rotating body of the cooking hand is plastic, it is difficult to grind meat. So don't expect to use him to grind meat

the original juice machine is mainly used to extract juice. Its advantage is that it has a higher juice yield, especially for foods with more juice. For example, tomatoes and other foods in this state can't be handled well by the cook. So I suggest you choose Huiren Juicer if you want to squeeze juice. If you want to take into account all aspects of performance, cooking hand is a good choice. However, because Huiren company is rectifying the Chinese market, the price control of domestic cooking hands and juice machines in South Korea is very strict, and the cooking hands are directly out of stock. The original juice machine is a large price increase

4. North American appliance ahm-pe350a food multifunctional cooking machine

9 speed adjustable, blue backlight display, stainless steel mixing stick, with splash proof blade cover, anti-skid switch button, function selection: egg beating, vegetable cutting, meat crushing, ice crushing, mixing, rice paste making, soup stirring, milk shake, etc. in 1934, the ancestor of the global household appliance brand - ACA (Appliance Co of America) North American appliance, was born in the United States. For 73 years, I have been devoted to “ Professional intelligent household appliances ” R & D and manufacturing. Over the years, “ Green health, human quality, intelligent environmental protection ” ACA has become a leading brand in the R & D and manufacturing of global household appliances! Whereas China has become “ Global industrial manufacturing base ” As an innovative and leading brand, North American appliances will never lag behind: in 2000, North American appliances invested in Zhuhai, China to build the world's largest production base; In 2001, North American electrical appliances established a world-class “ Global home appliance technology R & D center ”. Today, North American appliances has become a global group company focusing on R & D, manufacturing and sales of commercial and household appliances

at present, North American appliances has completed the transition from a pure western home appliance manufacturer to a Chinese and Western home appliance manufacturer. The products sold in China include: electric ovens, pressure rice cookers, electric kettles, induction ovens, gas ovens, food processors, electric steamers, coffee machines, bread machines, etc. Since 2000, North American electrical appliances has taken the lead in prospectively moving its global production and R & D base to Zhuhai, China. Over the past seven years, North American appliance enthusiasts have more than 260 top household appliance R & D personnel in the world, with an average annual development of 500 new products, leading the new trend of global household appliance development

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