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Today, the wall fabric industry has entered a period of rapid development, but the majority of consumers' awareness of the wall fabric industry is still in the primary stage. The press group came to Ruyu Deshui on December 25 and conducted a one-day enterprise visit and comprehensive report on it

Wu Jia, head of Ruyu Deshui curtain business school [reporter]: Hello, everyone, it is a great honor to invite Ms. Wu Jia, head of Ruyu Deshui business school to accept our interview today. Hello, what is your main work content in Ru Yu de Shui

[Wu Jia]: I'm mainly responsible for the Department of ruyushui business school. Our department is mainly responsible for training, including the training of new people in our company and the training of our new franchised stores

[reporter]: can you tell us something about ruyushui business school? What are the characteristics of business school courses

[Wu Jia]: the business school was established in 2016. We have dealer courses and shopping guide elite classes. New dealers join us, mainly from the explanation of our overall model, so that they can understand us. The shopping guide elite class is that we give practical content to stores so that they can get started quickly, including the use of our system, the style and color of curtains and some courses of its sales

[reporter]: what new actions will be taken by rudeshui business school in 2019

[Wu Jia]: next year, there will be more and more exclusive stores, and our training is the same. We should transfer better methods, simpler and easier methods to stores, so that store clerks can quickly start selling our products. In 2019, our company will join many new stores, and we will try our best to make our courses simpler and suitable for actual combat, so that the newly joined franchised stores can start quickly in a short time

[reporter]: Thank you very much for accepting our interview, thank you

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