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New year's gifts, the recent news that house prices have loosened, some wage earners began to be agitated. In order to get married next year, it is necessary to save money, as is the same in decoration. For the house slaves who have no money, 10000 yuan can become the renovation cost of the old house; For wage earners with insufficient funds, 10000 yuan can become the cost of hard decoration; For rich people, this 10000 yuan may only be the design fee of home decoration. How to use this 10000 yuan? Take a look at the following decoration cases, which will bring you inspiration

case 1: 10000 yuan is the key to help the old house change its appearance and soft decoration (Figure)

I have lived in this house for nearly three years. At first, I bought a unit housing reform house in the 1980s. The main reason is that I have been reporting a firm idea of "light decoration, heavy decoration" (decoration is easy to be out of date, and decoration can often change the appearance of the house), and I don't have much money. Ha ha, however, after careful decoration these days, My home still exudes a strong flavor of life, and I still love my little room (63 square meters, two bedrooms and one living room.

let me introduce a small method to you. (hehe, it's not convenient to buy some onions when cooking at home. It's too much to use, and it's not sold without others. It's also troublesome, so the onions you used can be directly planted in a flowerpot, which is easy to live, and it's convenient to use them next time.)




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